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We have massive industry experience in offering quality and superb property management services. When you use us, we ensure your home is leased in the shortest time possible thanks to our proven marketing tools and strategies.

Our marketing tools consist of a variety of checklists and processes that we’ve continuously fine-tuned over the years we’ve been in business. This has strategically positioned us to quickly market client properties and find the appropriate tenants. marketing strategies see to it that your property is occupied by the most qualified and suitable tenant. Our strategy focusses on client satisfaction, time and cost-effectiveness. The product of these strategies is minimized tenant turnover.


Our Property Leasing Services Process

The following are the key leasing services we provide to our clients to guarantee positive results.


Thorough Property Inspection

Before we advertise your property, we begin with a comprehensive property inspection. During the inspection, we evaluate the property’s condition and check whether there are any repairs that need to be done before the property is occupied. Should there be any areas that need fixing, we have a team of expert contractors to do the job.


Rental Property Marketing Process

After inspection and verification have been completed, we embark on marketing the property. We take both interior and outdoor photos that showcase your property’s best features. Expert photos are critical for advertising any type of property whether it’s a high-end facility or low-end rental.


Place Signage on Property

To show the property is available for letting, we put a “For Lease” sign in the front yard. From past experience, these yard signs are really helpful in attracting potential renters.


Compare Market Prices

In order to accurately know how much rent your house will fetch, we take a closer look at how much is rent is being charged for similar houses compared to yours. Doing this is important as correctly determining rent amount in relation to the average market rate will have an impact on how quickly you will find a tenant.


List Properties on Third Party Rental Sites

Besides listing your property on our website, we also plan to list your property on other famous property listing sites such as and Trulia among others. These rental listing sites reach out to a bigger audience as they are visited by a large pool of prospective tenants.

To boost efficiency, we have embraced the use of a digitized system to handle all inquiries from renters. In addition, we use this platform to quickly respond to queries, manage replies and showcase properties. Our online system also allows for electronic submission of rental applications; clients can also personally visit our offices to do the same.

Before tenants are approved, they have to undergo a comprehensive screening test. This helps us to be sure we’re picking serious and genuine tenants who are timely with their rent payments, responsible, honest, respectful, clean and creditworthy. In addition to conducting extensive background checks, we have strict rental policies that tenants must comply with before occupying your property. This is done to safeguard property owners and ensure they get maximum value for their property.

Lease terms are negotiated with our clients’ interests in mind. We strive to ensure your property is rented out to the best tenants at the best market prices. All our leases are prepared according to South Carolina laws which obligate us to fully comply. Once a tenant appends their signature to a lease, they retain a copy, we send one to you and keep one for our records. We also comply with Fair Housing Rules and promote fairness during the entire leasing process.

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