Is it possible to apply for a property “sight unseen”?

No, it is not possible to apply for any properties sight unseen since no property can be rented without viewing it first. If there is no way for you to view the residence, please contact our office. You can have someone you trust go on your behalf (friends or family); otherwise realtors are a great option as well.
While in most cases, photos are of the actual properties, these photos are only representative of the size and space of the interior of the property. It is always recommended that the property should be viewed in person to ensure that the size and space are as per their requirements.

How much do I have to pay as the security deposit?

The security deposit is equal to one month’s rent and needs to be paid in full in order to be able to move in.

When will I have to pay my rent?

Rent will always be due on the first day of the month. You do get a grace period of 5 days.
If the rent payment is not received by the end of the 5th day, you will be charged a late fee of 10% on the outstanding balance. The late fee will also be due with your rent payment.

What are the different payment options I can use to pay rent?

You can:
Mail check or money order to our office with your complete address and unit number on the memo
Pay online by signing into your tenant portal
Pay in person at our office/dropbox with a check or certified funds

We do not accept cash payments due to security reasons.

What happens if I am unable to pay my rent?

If you know that you will not be able to make your rent payment, please call our office and notify our accounts receivable department immediately.

Are tenants required to obtain renters insurance?

Yes, Tenants have to provide proof of renter’s insurance prior to taking possession of the residence.

What is the process of requesting any repairs or maintenance?

If it is a non-emergency repair, you can send your request in writing via our online Tenant portal, email your property manager, or call our office at 843-723-1988. We try to assign work orders to our independent vendors as quickly as possible.

How do I resolve any plumbing issues?

Whenever there is a plumbing issue, the first thing you should do is turn off the water. You should then call our office and speak to your Property Manager.

In case the issue occurs after business hours, you should call our emergency line and leave a message describing the problem at hand. Our on-call property manager will be in touch with you shortly.

What steps should I take if the smoke detector starts beeping?

If the smoke detector starts to beep, it might be possible that the battery needs to be changed. You can purchase one at your local hardware store or the local market.

In case you are unable to reach the smoke detector due to vaulted ceilings, you must complete a maintenance request form. Keep in mind that it is illegal to disconnect your smoke detector.

What happens if I get locked out of my apartment?

If the lockout happens during regular business hours, please contact your property manager and you can pick up a spare key from our office.

If the lockout happens after hours, you will have to arrange and pay a locksmith on your own. If the locks are changed, you must provide your property manager a copy of the new key.

What is your policy on changing or adding locks?

Changing locks or re-keying without approval constitutes a serious violation of your lease agreement.

If the tenant desires to change, re-key, install or replace any security devices, he/she must send such a request to the office in writing.

Following approval, the tenants must pay for all expenses associated in advance. Any changes can only be made through approved contractors authorized by the management.

Is there an emergency phone line that I can call?
Yes! You can call 843-723-1988 to report any after hour emergencies and you will be prompted to an emergency hotline.

As per the terms of your lease agreement, an emergency is defined as a situation where the condition of the property is affected to an extent that it endangers the physical health or safety of the tenant(s).

To keep the after-hours emergency response efficient, tenants are requested not to call the emergency number for non-emergency requests.

What are some examples of situations that can be considered an emergency?
Some examples of maintenance emergencies are as follows:

If water is coming into the home because the main sewer line is clogged or a water pipe has broken or is leaking.

If weather conditions are cold and there is a failure of the heating system, this would constitute an emergency.

An example of a non-emergency situation is: Getting locked out of your apartment.

Will I be charged for any maintenance at the property?
Tenants will be charged only if the maintenance issue arises due to a tenant or his/her negligence in looking after the property.
Who is responsible for taking care of lawns?
Please refer to your lease. In many cases it is the tenant’s responsibility to look after the lawn, water it regularly, mow and weed the lawn as required. Should you need assistance with managing the landscaping, please contact us.

If the tenant causes the grass to die, additional cost incurred to re-sod the yard will be charged to the tenant. It is the tenant’s responsibility to clean up leaves in the fall and remove snow from sidewalks and driveways in winter.

What is your policy on smoking indoors or on the rental property?
Smoking is a major health risk and we do not permit smoking indoors or anywhere on the rental property.
Can tenants sublease their apartment?
No. Tenants cannot sublease the apartment. We do not permit subleasing. If you need to re-lease your property, please contact your Property Manager.
Can tenants have a roommate at a later time?
Any new person that you decide to bring on to the property will have to go through the same screening process that all tenants go through.

Your roommate will have to fill in the rental application, pay the associated application fee and be checked for background etc. The management needs to know all occupants of the property. Failure to follow the due process can lead to termination of your lease agreement.

What if one of the roommates moves out of the property before the term of the lease agreement ends?
Please remember that tenants are jointly and separately responsible for paying rent. In the event of a roommate moving out before the end of the lease agreement, the property manager needs to be notified through a written notice. Tenants must obtain a written permission letter from the property manager to substitute a roommate.
What is your policy on acquiring pets after moving into the property or adding more pets?
All tenants must talk to the property manager about any plans to acquire a new pet or add to existing pets. Depending on the number and types of pets, this request may or may not be approved.
What if the tenant wants to paint all or part of the rental space a different color?
All color change requests must be submitted to the office in writing and will be approved at the discretion of the owner. The office may or may not require tenants to deposit extra funds in the security deposit if the color change request is approved.
Can I get a satellite dish?
Each property has different requirements. Please contact your Property Manager who can assist in answering your questions.
How do I give my notice to vacate and how many months’ notice do you require?
Please refer to your lease concerning 30 day notice. Our company usually sends out 30 day notice 3-6 months in advance to allow advance notice to tenants on their decision.