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We are a progressive property management company in the Charleston area. We were founded by native Charlestonians in 1997 and we provide quality property management and leasing services. Our portfolio has over 2200+ rental properties, homes, townhomes, condos, apartments, and HOA properties. We have an experienced team that understands the complexities of property management for daily operations to the most challenging legal requirements. Managing your property is our only job, we don’t dabble in sales! We can offer personalized service depending on the level of involvement you prefer., Real Estate Management, Charleston, SC

Need help managing your Charleston Rental Properties?

We offer a variety of services to best fit your needs:

  • Full Service Property Management
  • Leasing Services
  • Homeowner Association Management
Sit back and relax. Let us do all the work for you. We use the latest technology to efficiently communicate with you, the owner, and the tenants. Our real-time, cloud based system allows you to view payments, repairs, current status and reports keeping you completely informed how your investment is performing.

Our expert team manages over $750,000,000 in assets and are very knowledgeable in local, state and federal regulations. Additionally, our Broker-in-Charge teaches the Landlord-Tenant law statewide.

Our Services vs. Other Property Management Companies in Charleston, SC

We have been a trusted name in Charleston property management for over 20 years. We are experts in managing ​your real estate investment whether it is a single family home, small multi-unit building, condo or large multi-family portfolio.

Marketing & Advertising Rentals

The numbers speak for themselves. We have been ranked #1 in leased properties in the Charleston MLS for many years running. We have a dedicated marketing department that places your rental on more than 60 websites, places in MLS, has a running email campaign and an email signup giving potential tenants an update of newly placed rentals on the market.

Tenant Screening & Placement

Nothing is more important to the success of a rental business as finding responsible tenants. We take our tenant screening process very seriously through a four prong screening process, and will only place quality tenants with good recommendations and solid work credentials in your home.

Property Maintenance & Repairs

Our long standing relationships and large market share allows us to get repairs done quickly and efficiently by highly qualified professionals. our sister landscaping and repair company allows us preference for swift action, which, in turn, keeps tenants happy and electing to stay longer.

Timely Rent Collection

Our prime responsibility is to make sure that our owners receive their distributions on time and without complications. That’s why we enforce strict rent collection rules which help us ensure that tenants will pay on the first day of the month or face legal repercussion if they continue to make late payments.

Scheduled Property Reviews

We help find a quality tenant who will respect your property. We make sure they are taken care of and safe.
This helps us ensure that your property is kept in proper condition, see that the terms of the lease are respected, and allow us to repair any damages in the house before they develop even further. We offer scheduled property reviews to allow peace of mind for our clients.

Financial Reporting

We take pride in being fully transparent to our clients. That’s why we keep their entire financial data online where they can access it anywhere and anytime they want. Whether it’s tracking a money wire or viewing the costs of a specific repair, you can get all the financial information you need by logging into your personal account.

Eviction Assistance

Evictions are one of those things that nobody plans but has to deal with when they arise. At, we believe that prevention is the best strategy. That’s why we thoroughly screen every applicant until we’re sure that we’ve found the perfect tenant for your home. In those rare occasions where an eviction is needed, we are here to carry out the process.

Why Choose Us Over Other Charleston Rental Agencies?

Our Experience Is Unrivaled

We have been in business more than 20 years and our Broker-in-Charge has over 26 years experience in Charleston property management. Combine that with the entire team of experts at and we have close to 100 years combined experience!

We're Upfront About The Costs

Forget about hidden fees. At Leasing & Management, you get what you see and nothing else. That’s why we’ll never bother you with extra costs that we hadn’t discussed beforehand with you.

We'll Keep You Coming Back For More

We have many owners we have been serving for 15 years or more! Owners know that we are an investment-minded firm and look out for their investments just like our own.

Looking for Local Property Managers in South Carolina?

Our team of property managers are only a call away. We employ an exceptionally talented team of professionals. Our understanding of the local market gives us our competitive advantage. We know and love the City of Charleston. We continually monitor real estate trends and patterns. We provide superior advice to our clients and help them achieve their goals.

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The team is always so very friendly. They are knowledgeable about their properties and are excellent advocates for their clients.
Jennifer DiCenzo

As a landlord with one property the Leasing & Management team was great for the years that we needed to get our place rented. They provided quality tenants and the house never went vacant between renters. They also allow you to pick how involved you want them to be, whether it be just marketing, showing and renting all the way up to full service management.
Jon P

I have been a tenant with Chris Short for over ten years and he never disappoints! I can only give the finest review for his caring and excellent service! My air conditioner broke and he had a professional install a brand new one the very next day! I appreciate Chris and he is always available for any of your needs! Thank you, Chris!
Amanda Brown

We have had a great experience working with Miranda! Our HOA turned to this company after going through several other third party agencies and we were leery of this new change. We have been pleasantly surprised at how responsive, quick, and polite Miranda has been. She is truly a pleasure to work with and very clearly loves her job!
Jamie Frishberg

Miranda has been amazing to work with for HOA matters. She is friendly and professional to communicate with and promptly takes care of requests. I have lived in HOA managed condos and townhomes for a decade and Miranda is by far, the most effective property manager I have had.
Adrienne Engell

Great people to lease with, never had a bad experience.
Samantha Casey