10 Reasons To Hire Us For Your Property Management Needs

Rental property ownership is a lucrative business that requires a lot of commitment and close watch of things to keep your property profitable. If you attempt to manage your own property, chances are high it will be tiresome, stressful and time-consuming.

If you’re a hands-on property owner who doesn’t mind doing things on your own, you’re good to go. However, many property owners prefer to outsource property management to someone who is skilled and experienced.

The following are 10 major reasons why you should hire LeasingandManagement.com to take care of your Charleston rental property and maximize its potential.


Determine Your Rental Price


Unfortunately, many property owners lack understanding on how rental prices are determined. Most owners rely on adverts to see what others are charging before setting prices. However, at LeasingandManagement.com, we use proven market study techniques and approaches to accurately determine competitive prices for your property.

Our aim is to get the best price for your property and ensure it remains vacant for the shortest time possible.


Collecting Monthly Rent Payments

Many property owners do not like to chase after their tenants for rent payments. Following up rental payments is tiresome and stressful. Furthermore, if you don’t know how to follow up on rental payments, chances are high some tenants could default and mess up your cash flow.

At LeasingandManagement.com, we save you this trouble by utilizing our digital system that efficiently, promptly and accurately processes rent payments. Allow us to handle your rent payments to enable you to concentrate on other important activities.


Marketing and Advertising Your Rental Property


Each day your home is unoccupied, it costs you money. Our vast business experience and powerful advertising mechanisms make LeasingandManagement.com a leader in property marketing. Our team has developed unique strategies to find the right tenants and make sure your property is occupied as soon as possible.


Effective Tenant Screening

We deal with tenants on a daily basis and therefore, can easily differentiate between genuine tenants and those likely to cause problems during the lease period. Each tenant application that we receive is thoroughly scrutinized. Some of the details we check include criminal background checks, creditworthiness, previous landlord reference checks and employment verification.


Manage Tenant Relationships


During the time a tenant is in your house, there are numerous issues that are likely to come up that require our attention. Our LeasingandManagement.com team works around the clock to ensure tenants are happy at all times. We understand that without a healthy landlord-tenant relationship, your property will not earn you any income. By maintaining good tenant relationships, we reduce the turnover rate for your property


Build Partnerships with Vendors

We have formed sustainable partnerships with various vendors who provide us with critical services such as repair and maintenance of properties. Our extensive network consists of licensed contractors, workers, and suppliers who ensure all properties under our care remain in good condition. We get amazing discounts because of bulk orders and pass the savings to you.


Ensure You Remain Compliant


There are numerous laws that govern property ownership in South Carolina. If you don’t know anything about housing city, state and federal legislation, you don’t need to worry because we will ensure you comply with all housing regulations. This way, you won’t find yourself in legal trouble with the authorities because of non-compliance. Our team keeps an eye on any developments that might affect your property and advise you accordingly on how to protect your house and income.


Manage Properties in Your Absence

If you own property that is located far away, it is good to find a property management company that can look after your property in your absence. At LeasingandManagement.com, we can manage your property even if you don’t reside in Charleston. Our extensive experience in the local real estate market enables us to offer you the best advice regarding the industry and where to invest.


Allow You to Concentrate On Other Issues

If you find yourself spending too much time managing your properties, it’s time to find a professional to assist you with day-to-day management and upkeep of your property. Instead of allowing your properties take up all your time, we can manage your property on your behalf allowing you to have sufficient time to attend to other important issues.


Pushing Your Investment Further

We charge a flat percentage fee and we are committed to a transparent process that allows you to verify and see how your property is being managed. Nowadays, some property managers use hidden fees and fail to adequately share their pricing formula which exposes property owners to various risks and losses. However, at LeasingandManagement.com, your investment is safe with us.


If you’re looking for a Charleston Property Management Company that will walk with you every step of the way, contact us today at (843) 723-1988.

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