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As the property owner, you have a responsibility to regularly carry out property repairs and regular maintenance. At, we strongly emphasize on property repairs and maintenance. We see to it that inspections are regularly carried out and your property is always in a superb condition at all times.

Routine property inspections help to identify and fix small issues in good time to prevent them from becoming serious. From our past experience managing properties in Charleston, we’ve noticed regular maintenance and repairs is the best way to reduce stress managing properties in the long-term.

At, we help manage property repairs and maintenance on your behalf. If you hand over your property to us, the first thing we do is to inspect it and note if there are any areas that need to be repaired or regularly maintained.

Once the inspection has been completed, we list down all the repairs needed and schedule them according to urgency, cost and time needed to fix these repairs. We also assist you with budgeting because we are keen on ensuring your property only remains vacant for a short period of time. In this regard, we see to it that we carefully strike a balance between proper maintenance and monitoring costs.

At, we strive to know our clients’ properties. When doing property inspections, some of the areas we check include; windows, landscapes, roofs, electricals, plumbing, appliances as well as air conditioning and heating systems.


Benefits of Doing Property Inspections


When we conduct regular property inspections, the following benefits are realized.

  • Full compliance with state regulations regarding maintenance and emergency preparedness
  • Reduce the waiting time to access services from different service providers such as plumbers, electricians, landscapers and carpenters among other.
  • Discover property defects in good time to facilitate adequate planning for repairs and maintenance
  • Ensure your property is ready to rent at any time. This is possible if problematic areas that require attention are identified early.
  • Reduce tenant turnover as properties which are regularly maintained are occupied by clients who’re happy with the state of the property they are renting. Well maintained properties also encourage tenants to be extra careful and take care them.
  • Cost reduction because when regular maintenance and repair is done in good time, it prevents the damage from becoming worse and costing more money to fix. In addition, ignoring repairs leads to more damage that could get you into trouble with local authorities.

At, we promptly communicate with property owners in good time on issues regarding repairs. Since we have bulk repair and maintenance projects, we’re in a good position to negotiate competitive rates for your property.

All repairs and maintenance are of high quality. We only work with the best and most reputable contractors in the industry. Aside from complying with local regulations, we see to it that all repairs and maintenance activities are done within the agreed timelines.


We strictly abide by the terms and conditions stipulated in our agreement with you. You can be assured we will do what is expected of us in terms of repairs and maintenance. Before doing any repairs or maintenance not covered in the agreement, we shall first seek your permission.

If you’re looking for a top-rated Property Management company in Charleston, South Carolina, visit, we’re your best choice.

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