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rent-collection-online-payment appreciates the importance of timely rent collection. Thanks to our services, you can be guaranteed there will be no late submission of rent payments.

Rent payment is due the first day of every new month. To make it convenient to pay rent, we allow our tenants to choose from several payment options. These options include bank account automation, online payment and direct mailing.

We take time to explain every payment method during the signing of the lease agreement. We also advise tenants to pay us a visit at our offices to learn more about the available rent payment options. understands the importance of efficient record keeping in property management. In this regard, we keep accurate records of all transactions relating to your property.

Because of our tenant screening process, we’ve managed to drastically reduce the chances to having non-compliant tenants. However, should we encounter one, we have tactful strategies which we use including compassion and emphasis on lease agreement conditions depending on the case.


How Do We Handle Late Rent Payments?


For starters, we notify our tenants about the issue. If we’re still not able to make progress, we then serve the tenant with a formal non-payment notice depending on how many days have elapsed after the rent due date. We emphasize on following due process because it enables us to be adequately prepared should the case end up becoming a legal case.

If a tenant complies with the notice and remits the rent due, we won’t notify you. However, if rent is not paid, we will seek for your permission to legally begin the process of evicting the tenant from your property.

In South Carolina, the law requires us to issue a “5-Day Demand for Rent” notice. The notice demands the tenant to either pay the rent due to vacate the rental unit. From our past experiences, most tenants submit their rent payments within this time-frame. However, should this fail to happen, we are forced to file a case in court for their removal.

If the amount a tenant owes is less than $10,000, we use a small claims court to file an eviction lawsuit. The eviction lawsuit is called Summary Ejectment. The court then goes ahead to issue “Summons” which specifies details such as the location of the court hearing as well as time and date of the hearing.

In most cases, a hearing takes place a fortnight after Summons have been issued. During the hearing, property owners should be physically present. In the event, a ruling is made in favor of the property owner, the court awards them with a “Judgement for Possession” meaning the property owner wins the case, and the tenant has to immediately vacate the property.

The property owner also has an option to file for “Writ for Possession.” This document gives a country sheriff the power to forcefully evict a tenant out of a property. Once the eviction is done, a locksmith then changes the locks to ensure unauthorized access is prevented.

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