The holiday season is coming upon us rather quickly and it’s important that we take these safety precautions as we bring out all our lights and decorations to be bright and cheery! 


It’s important to check all bulbs and light strands to make sure they are not cracked or broken before hanging them up.


Lights & Wires

Make sure to use safety tested lights and follow indoor and outdoor lights as presented to be used. Also, check that the wires are not frayed or bare.

Did you know?

Holiday lights with LED (light-emitting diodes) use one-tenth of energy that the traditional mini-lights do. They are also cooler to the touch which helps reduce the risk of a fire.

Extension Cords

Make sure to have extension cords in visible sight and not under rugs, along drapes or furniture. Make sure they are also not coiled together as that can cause them to overheat over time.



Candles are a simple, yet common decoration to have during the holiday season, so make sure to keep candles away from flammable objects.


Ladder & Clips

Always look above you when using a ladder and make sure to take all proper precautions before climbing to decorate. Do not use a ladder close to an overhead electrical power line. 

It’s also best to use clips when attaching lights to the house instead of tacks or nails in electrical cords. 



Timers are a great tool to use to prevent lights or decorations being left on too long as well as help reduce energy costs and regulate energy use.


Throughout the season, checking on cords, bulbs, and other decorations periodically will help you and your family stay safe and make it easier to kick back and have a fun holiday. 

Happy Holidays!