When was the last time you had your Charleston, SC rental property inspected? If you can’t remember or it’s been over a year, you may be putting your investment at risk.

It’s always tempting to assume that your tenants will take good care of your property. However, not all tenants know how to maintain a property.

Which is exactly why you must have your rental property inspected regularly.

A property inspection can help you avert numerous problems. While at the same time ensuring that your property is always in good shape.

Generally, you can do these inspections by yourself. However, if you’re still new to the whole concept of owning and running a rental property in Charleston, consider hiring a professional inspector.

They’ll know what to look for and where to look for faults or damages.

This post highlights a few of the biggest benefits you’ll enjoy from periodic inspections.


1. Inspections help you to avoid severe cumulative problems.

Given time, a tiny leak can evolve into a roofing nightmare. Not only will you have to repair the roof, but the leak could also cause problems, like mold formation and peeling walls.

Spotting these issues early gives you the chance to evade the costs, inconveniences, and stresses that may follow.

Hiring a professional with sufficient skills and experience makes the whole inspection process easy. They’ll know exactly where to look and how to spot damages. After that, they’ll advise you on how to fix any found issues before they worsen.

The best part about professional inspections is that you’ll be able to note which damages are your responsibility and which are due to your renter.

That way you won’t just be fixing issues before they worsen but you’ll also be minimizing your maintenance expenses as well.



2. Inspections will alert you of any lease violations.

Are your tenants honoring the lease agreement? Regular inspections will give you an appropriate answer to that question.

Obviously, when you present the lease to your prospective tenant, they have to read and accept your terms and conditions. For example, you may state that they should not:

  • Damage your rental property.
  • Be a nuisance to other tenants.
  • Use your rental property for criminal activities.
  • Effect repairs on their own and so on.

A good way to ensure that they are following your rental rules or abiding by your lease agreement is with an inspection.

You should note that even the best and more responsible tenants can get careless or too busy to take care of your property.

However, if they know that you may pop in to inspect your rental, they’ll have more incentive to respect the terms of the agreement.



3. Inspections improve owner-tenant communication.

As a rental property owner in Charleston, SC, you can choose to live close to or far from your rental. Living nearby means that you’ll be able to visit your property more frequently; which is nice because it will allow you to be more present at your property.

However, if you live further away from your rentals, regular inspections help to compensate for your absence. That’s because, during inspection visits, your tenants will be able to meet and talk with you about their needs and concerns.

That way you’ll be able to act swiftly to resolve any issues they may be facing.


4. Inspections allow you to see if you are meeting your tenants’ needs.

Aside from looking out for your own interests, inspections can also show whether your renters are satisfied with their living conditions.

Quality renters search for quality living. When you meet their expectations, a myriad of benefits can be realized. For example, they might renew their rental contract.



5. Inspections can help you to learn more about a tenant’s behavior and lifestyle.

Periodic rental property inspections can give you a better insight on how your property is being treated.  Sometimes, a tenant may decide to break the terms of the lease by doing something contrary to your agreement.

Periodic inspection can help you spot things you can’t see from the outside. For example, smoking inside the rental, keeping pets, or even exceeding the number of permitted occupants in the rental unit.

Becoming aware of your tenant’s behaviors and habits aren’t only good for your investment’s safety but also for those living around them.


Smart Tips for Conducting Rental Property Inspections in Charleston, SC

  • Notify your tenant about the inspection well in advance. This gives them time to prepare for your arrival. Most states, including North Carolina, expect you to notify tenants at least 24 hours before the inspection.

Your notification must mention the purpose, time, and length of the inspection. In regards to time, make sure it’s reasonable. For example, from 8.00AM-5.00PM during weekdays, and from 9.00AM-3.00PM during weekends.

  • Make sure that each inspection is done consistently, thoroughly, and at the right time. That way it becomes easier to spot issues and damages early.
  • Always work with reputable and trustworthy professionals. The last thing you want is a tenant complaining about missing or damaged items after an inspection.
  • Inspections can be done at a two-month interval, quarterly, or once every six months.


Well? Do you now know why rental property inspections are important? With the information above, it’s quite easy to see how you benefit from inspecting your Charleston rental property periodically.