Also known as Charlestown, Chucktown, the “Holy City” or “The Chuck” – Charleston is a pretty amazing place to call home.

Recently, it was named as the top city in the entire U.S. by Travel and Leisure for the fifth year running. Let’s find out why.

Living in Charleston means that you will have to get used to friendly people, delicious cocktails, and jaw-dropping landscapes.

If you are thinking of moving to Charleston, here are the advantages and disadvantages.


5 Pros of Living in Charleston, SC


1.   Getting Around Is a Breeze

Of course, being a popular city, Charleston comes with some traffic. But unlike its surrounding areas, commutes are more tolerable.

The beautiful year-round Charleston, SC weather and accessible streets have made biking in big. If you can, invest in a bike prior to moving there. If not, just look for a bike share program.

Since Charleston is a peninsula, it’s surrounded by water. This means that you can conveniently travel by sea. Sometimes, this mode of transport can even be quicker than using a car – especially when it comes to traveling overcrowded bridges during rush hour.

Additionally, the city has loads of parking spaces available. Several parking garages are available in downtown Charleston. They are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and their rates run around $1.50 per hour.


2.   Charleston Is a Great Place to Raise a Family

The soothing sounds of frogs, salty air, and marsh grass create a slow-paced way of life known as low country living. While residents moving to Charlotte or Raleigh may experience a similar vibe, nothing compares to Charleston’s charming and welcoming community.

As regards to raising a family, Charleston undoubtedly stacks up high among its competitors. There are endless family activities for kids and adults; the crime rates are low, and the public school system is wonderful.

If you are wondering where to live, here are some of the best places to live in Charleston, SC.

  • Moncks Corner
  • West Ashley
  • Downtown
  • The Islands
  • Summerville



3.    There Are Endless Things to Do in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is full of things to do for anyone and everyone – from rich history and culture to activities on the Atlantic coast. If you are planning on moving to Charleston, SC you’ll never have to worry about being bored.

The parks are beautiful. Cypress Gardens and James Island County Pa

rk are good examples. James Island County Park offers a whopping 650 acres of trails, bike paths, and camping cabins. Cypress Gardens also offers adventure for nature-loving families.

If you love water sports, Charleston has you covered. Popular outdoor water sports and activities include:

  • Kiteboard on Sullivan’s Island
  • Kayak Shem Creek
  • Sail the Charleston Harbor
  • Deep sea fish the Atlantic Ocean
  • Inshore fish the Intracoastal Waterway
  • Surf the Washout at sunrise on Folly Beach


4.   Charleston Is a Historical Haven

It’s South Carolina’s oldest city. Its history stems all the way from the onset of the Civil War.

Everything from the iron gates to the cobblestones to the churches has a story to tell. Regardless of how long you’ve lived there, there is always something new to learn.

You could check out America’s oldest preserved plantation house and visit Charleston’s largest and oldest mansions. You can also take a ferry to Fort Sumter and stand where Civil War began.

Ever wondered how Charleston got “The Holy City” nickname? Well, it’s because religious freedom was founded there several hundred years ago.



5.   The Art Scene Is Remarkable

Charleston is home to the oldest community theatres in the country. The Dock Street Theatre and the Footlight Players are good examples.

Additionally, the city has a professional ballet and a symphony of orchestras as well. Again, the French quarter has over thirty art galleries and museums. Others include:

  • Fort Summer
  • The Charleston Museum
  • Gibbes Museum of Art
  • USS Yorktown
  • Charleston Museum Mile
  • Charles Town Landing
  • Old Exchange Building


 5 Cons of Living in Charleston, SC


1.   Construction Is Very Present

Construction issues are abundant in this area. We wish we could say that this issue will be resolved soon, but we’d be lying. Go to Folly Road, James Island Connector, Cross Town and others to witness the constant construction.



2.   The Weather Is Unpredictable

The weather in Charleston is often time good but sometimes you’ll never know. To the east, clouds, thunder, and lightning; to the west, blue skies. If you drive a convertible, expect the unexpected.


3.   The Historic Aesthetics Are Declining

The Holy City is known for its rich history. However, you don’t have to be an urban planner to notice the worsening infrastructure of historic downtown. But even though the city is getting old it’s definitely a site worth seeing.


4.   Floods Seem to Be Common

If you’re going to live in Charleston, SC prepare yourself for surprise floods. Even if you are not located in a “flood zone” make sure to take extra precaution when it comes to the rainy season. Look into flood insurance for your property and make sure to maintain your drainage systems.


5.   Taxation Is High

Clothes tax stands at 8.5 percent. Restaurant alcohol tax may run you up to 15 percent. In addition to this, the restaurant food tax is about 10.5 percent. Hence, if you are looking to enjoy a romantic evening out, be prepared for the extra add-ons.


Clearly, the positives far outweigh the negatives when it comes to living in Charleston. It’s no wonder that Charleston was named the best city in the world to visit by Travel + Leisure magazine in 2016.