Maintaining Your Rental Property – Tips for Owners

There’s a lot more to renting a property then just finding a tenant and signing a lease. Taking care of your rental property will help keep your tenants happy and help your rental property stay in great shape longer.

1. Inform the Tenants of Responsibilities

The best way to start out a good rental relationship is to make sure the tenant is well informed on what they need to take care of. If they don’t know about taking care of the lawn then it wouldn’t be their fault if it grows out of control even if it seems to be common sense.

Detailing the required responsibilities in the lease is the best way to make sure the tenant is held accountable for any neglect to the property. The details can include move out requirements, landscaping needs, and general cleaning tasks. We’re not saying that you can’t trust your tenants but never assume that they will know to take care of these responsibilities on their own.

2. Change Air Filters Often

replacing air filter

If you don’t take care of it now, it’ll only get worse later. This is a small task that can save you a lot of trouble and is an easy way to take care of your rental property.

Replacing the air filters regularly diminishes pollutants in the air of the home and helps keep things clean. It can also help your HVAC continue to run smoothly.

If you don’t replace the filters, the air system can get clogged and cause more trouble to get it fixed. Not replacing the filters can also strain your HVAC system and even shorten its lifespan.

Get more details on the reasons why you should change our air filters here! If you need help finding HVAC protection, feel free to check out House Method for reference. 

3. Check Smoke Detectors

It’s a good idea to test smoke detectors regularly. It’s recommended to at least replace the batteries whenever a new tenant moves in but you can also change out the entire detector. 

Many states have set requirements for smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. You can check in on South Carolina’s laws here!

4. Landscaping

landscaping to take care of your rental property

This seems like a small detail but it can easily get out of control. Regularly mowing the lawn is typical but don’t forget about the bushes and garden beds. Some landlords include landscaping in the rent. This is the easiest way to make sure the yard and exterior are well taken care of.

However, if you don’t include landscaping, it would be best to make sure landscaping responsibilities are included and detailed in the lease. That being said, planning to fix up the landscaping once the tenant moves out will keep you ahead of the game.

5. Improvements and Repairs

Regularly inspecting the property will keep up to date with any improvements or needed repairs that you notice. Chances are, the tenants will inform you of any major issues but something like loose door knobs might slip their mind. 

Making small repairs regularly will also keep down the workload when the tenant moves out. There’s bound to be a few touch ups required after a move out but having one less thing to do can make a huge difference. Regular inspections and repairs can make taking care of your rental property much easier.


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