how to make your rental feel like home


How to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

After spending so much time at home because of quarantine, you might realize that your rental doesn’t necessarily feel like home. Even though renting a property is more than likely a temporary stay, it’s important to make your own mark on your place. 

Luckily, there are a few easy tricks that will help make your rental feel cozy and inviting.


Unpack as Soon as You Can


Unpacking is one of the first steps to take to make your rental feel like home. It might not be the most fun part of the process but it’ll give you a better idea of the space you have to work with. Having everything packed away in drawers will also help you feel settled in. 

While unpacking, try to sort through your belongings and see if there is anything that you don’t need anymore. Clutter can easily make a space seem small and cramped.


Add Personal Touches

Add personal touches

Adding things like photos, knick knacks, and artwork will help liven up the space and make it feel like your own. 

Plants, even faux ones, are a great way to give life to an area. Not great with keeping anything green alive? Try something easy like an indoor herb garden or snake plants. You can find the perfect indoor plant for your new space here!


Spice Up the Walls

Spice up the walls

If your landlord/property manager allows it, you can look into painting your walls. Doing this would make the rental feel more like yours. Keep in mind that you need permission before painting and you will most likely need to paint it back at the end of your lease. 

If you can’t paint the walls, look into some temporary wallpaper! You might not be able to use it on an entire room, but you could use it for an accent wall or backsplash in the kitchen. 

If all else fails, hang up some pictures and decorations to make the walls not look empty. Poster tack or Command Strips are easy ways to hang things without damaging the walls. 


Get Creative with the Lighting

Get creative with the lighting

String lights aren’t just for the holidays and dorm rooms. Adding some accent lights here and there will help bring a warmer glow to your rental. Even using a floor lamp instead of the harsh overhead light can make a room feel cosy and inviting. Choosing the light source yourself gives you more freedom to style the rental the way you want it.


Treat Yourself

treat yourself to something new

If you’ve played it right with budgeting, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself and your rental to something new. This could be the piece of furniture that you’ve always imagined in your place or some decorations that show off your personality. 

Trying out these little things can make a big impact on your rental. A home is where you create memories so make sure to enjoy your time at your rental!